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About Windmill Hill windmill


Facts about Windmill Hill windmill:—

  • It’s the largest post mill in the country
  • It’s the tallest post mill in Sussex at 15.5 metres
  • Also one of the tallest post mills in the country
  • It is the largest hand turned post mill
  • Contains the only sweep governor in existence
  • Has a unique outer roundhouse
  • Is the landmark that gives the village of Windmill Hill its name

The restoration of the windmill at Windmill Hill:—

  • Was made possible with a grant of £577,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Started in 2003 and was largely completed by 2006
  • Used authentic repairs wherever possible
  • Was the largest and most ambitious mill restoration in the UK
  • Used 3D computer modelling to assess stresses on key components
  • Led to the development of the Automatic Turning Device (ATD)

    The restoration of the milling machinery:—

    • Was made possible because of a further grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund
    • Started in 2013 and was largely completed by 2016

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